It all began with an emotion. We call it love for bags! One glance at a bag and we just can’t resist creating a story of a well-crafted carry piece that defines a personality, a mood, and an attitude.

Our designs are a blend of urban fashion and a functional vibe that’ll proudly live in your closet for a good time. The cornerstone of Olives & Gold focuses on creating a space where every bag feels right by making material choices that are nature friendly, designs that are modern yet practical, and of course, a tag that is rightly priced.

We envisage a community of bag lovers who are in the pursuit of creating conversations that celebrate bags in every form. With an equal inclination for the ones who like to flip the fashion world on its head and the ones who like being minimalist, we’re all ears to everything you gotta say. 

Inspired by the art of romancing every curve and detail of a bag, we craft bags that are socially responsible and fashionably indulgent.